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Last updated 2018-09-28

The best PVP Battle Pets!.

A list of the current best PVP Battle Pets, this can guide your pet choices when either first starting off or when you are looking to mix up your teams. It gives you an idea of which pets to obtain and level up so you can be competitive in the PVP queue. I have separated the pets into 3 groups: Tier 1 being the strongest possible pets available at present, Tier 2 being extremely strong and Tier 3 being very good choices in for any team.

1. Tier

These pets are currently overpowered and will often be able to carry your whole team. You can probably freely use any other half decent pets to earn a good ratio of wins.

S/S Diablotin diabolique
P/S Sœur du nid du Crépuscule

2. Tier

These pets can sometimes carry your whole team and with a half decent team will get you lots of wins. Its more important with these pets to build a team that works well with your choice.

Porc-épique vengeur
P/P Porcoptère parasite
S/S Rabbits
Ancien en fleurs/Broute with Beau fixe/Photosynthèse
S/B or P/P Molosse du brasier with Piège de magma
Petit enragé du magma
S/S Taïpan rose/Jeune aspic mortel
S/S Marmotte sournoise
Ciaileron atteint par la corruption
P/S or P/P Direhorns
Appel des ténèbres Fliers with 292+ speed or 300+ power
S/S Petit gardien qiraji
P/P or P/S Diablotin rebelle
Wyrmie Langkins

3. Tier

These are pets that will perform well in the queue and using these pets to build a team will obtain good results.
You will have to use at least one other pet that combo's well with these pets to get the best results.

S/S or P/S Goupil alpin
Gangroptère orphelin
P/P or S/S Jeune pousse automnale
S/S Jeune pousse de belladone
S/S Marsuul pygmée
S/S Rat givrepoil
S/S Danseur brumejade
Ecrevisse magique
Poisson-globe violet
H/H Val’kyr en herbe
Idole d’Anubisath
S/S or P/P Mange-minerai
P/S Casse-Pierre
H/H Crabe-esprit
Louveteau varleu curieux
H/H or P/P Petite étoile de Fer
H/P Halhaine
Papillonneur bleu
P/B Griffebrasier infernal
S/S Jeune dragonnet de bronze
P/S Aquamouche chatoyante with another Aquatic pet
Chien de prairie mécanique
Podawith lucky dance synergy
Revenant restauré
Jeune raptor revenant
Croque-mollets zandalari

The list will be kept up to date as possible and pets will be added or removed as the PVP meta evolves.

I welcome feedback and suggestions especially if you feel certain pets are missing. I tried to keep the list as short as possible so some pets may have just missed out to prevent the list from becoming too long or daunting.

Once the BFA prepatch hits I will try to review the list but this will take a few hundred games before I am able to assess any potential shifts in the meta.

Thanks guys Rosqo.

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