vs. Dévoreur électrique

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Dévoreur électrique 154919
Special or not:0Special or not:2200132073011730110

Skills: 2 * *
Breed: Any

P’tit Bling-Bling
This pet can have the following breeds:

Breed Health Speed Power
SS 1400 325 260

1 ZR0 1 0

N'importe quelle mascotte de niveau 25+

1 ZR0 1 0

N'importe quelle mascotte de niveau 25+


Note: You have selected a substitute pet.
The strategy might fail if you use it with this pet instead of the one the strategy creator intended.

The substitute finder looks for these criteria in relation to the original pet:
  • Same family
  • Has the required skills
  • Has the required stats (if specified)
  • Ignores specific breed requirements for the main pet, as breeds can be very different for substitutes

1 / 2


Be cautious, lest you give your enemies the tools to destroy you. *laughs*

TD Script
The strategy offers a TD script that can be used with the TD Script addon. You can copy the script by clicking on the button to the left of the pets.
Tour 1+
P’tit Bling-Bling
N'importe quelle mascotte de niveau 25+
N'importe quelle mascotte de niveau 25+
Bring in your P’tit Bling-Bling
Swap to your P’tit Bling-Bling
An enemy pet comes in
Any standard attack will finish the fight
P’tit Bling-Bling
Any Pet
Any Pet
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[spell=Spellname] until [pet=Petname] dies
[spell=Spellname] until [enemy=Enemyname] dies
Swap back to [pet=Petname]
[spell=Spellname] until the fight is won

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