vs. Night Horrors

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standby [self.aura(Blinding Poison:1048).exists]
ability(Booby-Trapped Presents:1080) [!enemy.aura(Booby-Trapped Presents:1081).exists]
ability(Greench's Gift:1076) [enemy(Atherton:2209).aura(Underground:340).exists]
ability(Greench's Gift:1076) [enemy.ability(Burrow:159).duration>=1 & enemy.ability(Blinding Poison:1049).duration>=1]
ability(Greench's Gift:1076) [enemy(Jennings:2208).active]
ability(Gift of Winter's Veil:586)
ability(Call Blizzard:206)
ability(Ice Lance:413)
Night Horrors 140461
Special or not:0Special or not:1211134973741737410

Skills: 2 1 1
Breed: Any

Petit assistant infect
This pet can have the following breeds:

Breed Health Speed Power
PP 1359 260 333

Special or not:0Special or not:221211915698156980

Skills: 2 1 2
Breed: Any

Assistant du Père Hiver
This pet can have the following breeds:

Breed Health Speed Power
BB 1481 276 276

1 ZR1 11

N'importe quelle mascotte de type Humanoïde de niveau 25+

Skills: Any
Breed: Any


Note: You have selected a substitute pet.
The strategy might fail if you use it with this pet instead of the one the strategy creator intended.

The substitute finder looks for these criteria in relation to the original pet:
  • Same family
  • Has the required skills
  • Has the required stats (if specified)
  • Ignores specific breed requirements for the main pet, as breeds can be very different for substitutes

1 / 2


Reworked now that Atherton's abilities are fixed, and at Servv's suggestion for the RLH in slot 1.

TD Script
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