vs. Add More to the Collection

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change(next) [ self(#1).dead & ! self(#3).played ]
if [ self.aura(Wind-Up:458).exists ]
ability(Powerball:566) [ ! self.aura(Supercharged:207).exists ]
Add More to the Collection 142114
Special or not:0Special or not:1111138777221772210

Skills: 1 1 1
Breed: Any

Petite étoile de Fer
This pet can have the following breeds:

Breed Health Speed Power
PB 1465 257 305
PS 1400 273 305
HP 1546 244 305
HH 1725 244 276
PP 1400 244 341

2 ZL 1 0

N'importe quelle mascotte de niveau 1+

Special or not:0Special or not:221187966296620

Skills: 2 1 1
Breed: Any

Jeune fée fléchetteuse
This pet can have the following breeds:

Breed Health Speed Power
SS 1400 309 276


Note: You have selected a substitute pet.
The strategy might fail if you use it with this pet instead of the one the strategy creator intended.

The substitute finder looks for these criteria in relation to the original pet:
  • Same family
  • Has the required skills
  • Has the required stats (if specified)
  • Ignores specific breed requirements for the main pet, as breeds can be very different for substitutes

1 / 2

Update 14 dec '18: it is no longer worth using a leveling pet as Blizzard has nerfed all BFA xp gains with patch 8.1.

Level 1+
You can use this strategy to carry a level 1 level pet to give it experience.
TD Script
The strategy offers a TD script that can be used with the TD Script addon. You can copy the script by clicking on the button to the left of the pets.