Anomalous Animals of Argus


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With patch 7.3 the concept of the Tanaan beasts has been revisited in the way of 18 new legendary pets.
They are scattered throughout the three zones of Argus and although world quests highlight some of them each day, all of them can be battled repeatedly at any time.

And that with good reason, because there is again fun with families: Family Fighter
Similar to Family Familiar, you have to beat every Fel Beast of Argus with every pet family, resulting in 180 different fights to earn this achievement.

The fights are very different in difficulty. Some you will be able to finish with almost any pick of three level 25 pets of a given family.
Others are very tough to beat with certain combinations. We tried to come up with reliable strategies for those where possible, but as a novelty to Xu-Fu, you will see some new and rare pet faces in this section and frequently pets with specific breed requirements.
Xu-Fu peut scanner cette section afin de déterminer les stratégies les plus adaptées à vos préférences, et lister les mascottes requises.
Choisissez une famille ci-dessous pour vérifier les mascottes requises.

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