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Where on Azeroth is Jenafur?

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Where on Azeroth is Jenafur?
2020-05-19 07:37:11
In one of the longest-running secrets of WoW, Jenafur is still eluding the Secret Finders among us. However, a few days ago there was another clue, Scooby Doos:

Only one thing gets a kitty into the right mood, when you open up a can of just the right food

  • Clue on 23 March:

kibbles of 4, sets the time, of a 4/4 beat, and defines the lines
  • Clue on 8 January 20:

Four Kibbles bounce in time,
Four Kibbles count the time

Here's a review of everything that's been confirmed so far in the pins:

  • Exploits, such as cache sniffing, are not needed, expected, or useful.

  • Exploiting around having to solve the puzzles is a bannable offense, and easily detectable. Even if it were possible, it's not worth it. I'd [Celestalon] advise you don't even try.

  • The secret is working as intended, is solvable and does not require a group (confirmed for the current step).

  • The first step was to talk to Amara. The second step was the CCL's (Crazy Cat Lady's) house. The third step is Kara. It is unknown if going from step 1 -> 3 was a bug, or if it was just designed to find CCL first. CCL does not have anything to do with the solution to the current step.

  • The intended solution to go from CCL to Kara was the direction of the 2 kibbles when connected with a line.

  • Amara is the IRL name of someone & they worked on the secret. This means that the name of the initial NPC has nothing to do with the secret. Please continue to avoid discussing any topics relating to IRL topics, they will not be part of the secret.

  • From Jeremy Feasel: I can confirm that this (and probably all of the secrets that will be made) are friendly to the deaf and hard of hearing, accessibility is important!

  • Someone asked if this secret is colour-blind friendly. Yes it is.

  • Not time gated/rep gated or requires anything with a low drop %.

  • Someone asked if you have to be max level. There is no level requirement per say, but you will probably want to be able to high enough level to do kara. You can't complete it on a lvl 1.

  • Doesn't require a previous secret.

  • Can confirm death zone was a bug related to the secret

  • Have your music on sound on, cool stuff happens upon solving the secret :P (nothing to do with the current step, I was just told that upon completion you will want your sounds on)

  • Any items from the Toy Box or the Pet Journal are not required

  • From the guy with Jenafur: He was given it - it was not "solved" by him. He also does not know the solution and therefore cannot comment on its complexity/difficulty. He is in this Discord and wishes to remain anonymous. This is further proof Jenafur is in the game and is obtainable.

If you'd like to try your hand at the secret, head over to the Jenafur Secret Finder page, and the Discord link will be at the top of the page.

If you join the Discord, remember to read the pins! They'll have all the information I've posted above, as well as docs on what's been tried, theories, and so on.

Wowhead also has a guide that can be found here.

This secret is said to be very difficult, and if the difficulty increases with each step, I can only imagine how long the next one will take.

What say you? Do you think the Secret Finders have met their match? Or will they persevere?

Best of luck to all those involved, and happy battling!

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Gnomanska rédigé le 03.06.2020

The can of just the right food, sounds like Canned Minnows for Mech
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rédigé le 21.05.2020

Is it possible that Jenafur is lost in time somewhere? Time is mentioned three times in 2 different clues...Just a thought.